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Free Webinar: How To Go From Blank Page to Published Author

How I launch my books to bestseller status in as little as 90 days

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Presented by Chandler Bolt

6-Time Bestselling Author & Founder of Self-Publishing School

On the workshop, you'll learn:

  • The 3-Step System I use to write, publish, and launch every bestselling book I publish.

  • An approach to find a book idea in under an hour - and turn your idea into a finished book in just 3 steps.

  • How I wrote my first book - 200+ pages - in just 1 week.

  • How to leverage a book to grow your authority, income, and business

  • How I launched my first book to bestseller status with no list & used it to grow a 7-figure just 2 years

  • Case studies of successful Self-Publishing School students who used our systems to write their own bestsellers faster than they thought possible, and received speaking invitations, new business opportunities, and the recognition that comes from being a published author.

* These results are not typical and just like anything, your personal results will vary. Your book could be more successful, less successful, or not successful at all. 

You'll also get a free copy of my bestselling book "Published." (480+ reviews on Amazon) when you register today!

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